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Massachusetts School to Career Connecting Activities
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About the Massachusetts Career Ready Database (MA-CR).

This database, developed and maintained by ESE's Connecting Activities initiative, is used by a variety of programs across Massachusetts, including summer jobs programs, transition programs, internship programs, Cooperative Education, YouthWorks, WIOA Youth, community service learning programs and other youth employment and career development initiatives. People who actively use it include:

  • Students/Interns/Participants in programs using Work-Based Learning Plans
  • Employers/Supervisors in programs using Work-Based Learning Plans
  • Program Staff and Program Coordinators, supported by Connecting Activities, YouthWorks, Summer Jobs programs and more
  • Teachers, Counselors and other school staff
  • Co-operative Education Coordinators

Work-Based Learning Plans

The centerpiece of the database is the Work-Based Learning Plan section. This section captures critical information about participants' structured work experiences. When users sign in, they can complete Work-Based Learning Plans online, as well as generate summary reports and find examples of related job descriptions. Work-Based Learning Plan Screens Include:

  • Step 1: Basic placement details
  • Step 2: Job description
  • Step 3: List of skills
  • Step 4: Performance review and goal setting.

Data from Career Awareness and Exploration Activities

The database also captures information about career awareness and exploration activities sponsored by schools and other organizations, such as job shadowing programs, career fairs, company tours, and other activities designed to help youth plan for their futures. The data collection about these kinds of activities contributes to the evolving systems of Career Development Education (CDE) offered across the state. This kind of data is recorded in the "Activities" section of the database, which also offers an "Activity List" where program staff can browse to get ideas from their colleagues.

What are the benefits of the database for users?

  • For students: feedback from your supervisor and an opportunity for reflection about your work experience.
  • For employers: a tool for opening up conversations and providing feedback to interns.
  • For staff: a variety of reports and lists, including "skill gain reports" and other information to help you manage and assess your programs.
  • For ESE: information about major trends across the state with respect to youth employment, such as the industries that are most active in brokered experiences, the existence of any local or regional trends, and the skills that are most impacted by the experiences.

Impact of Data Collection.

From the information gathered in the database, the Connecting Activities initiative is able to provide a powerful summary of the landscape of career development education activities across Massachusetts. Summary-level information is aggregated to provide total counts statewide and by region, along with examples of career development activities, job descriptions and skills. (Individual information is always confidential, with examples of job descriptions, skills, activities and other details shared as allowed by the database user.) The database provides a valuable tool for managing information about your own program and for getting inspiration from what other schools and programs are doing throughout Massachusetts.

Who can use the database?

The database is available for use by any Massachusetts youth employment/internship program and/or career development program. Simply fill out the database registration form to sign up to use the database. See the "Database Sharing and Privacy" details for information about how to share information with colleagues in your program.

June 13, 2021